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Raja Sabri Khan - Pakistani Drone Maker
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Mr Raja Sabri Khan is a Pakistani aerospace design engineer who is the pioneer in Drone technology. He designed it as a flying machine to help humanity and not as a weapon of mass destruction. His unmanned aircrafts are state of the art designs used world over for peaceful purposes.
Raja Sabri Khan
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Karachi, Pakistan
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People think that technology always emerges from the West. There is hardly any research and development carried out in Pakistan. This is far from fact. In fact, Pakistan is far ahead in a technology, which everyone links with the west. That is unmanned aircraft, commonly known as “Drones”.

Mr. Raja Sabri Khan is an Aerospace design engineer from MIT University and a resident of Karachi. He is the first person who actually introduced and developed this technology. Mr. Khan is the founder and owner of Integrated Dynamics, which are considered pioneers in design, development and manufacturing unmanned aircraft and robotic systems for civilian, scientific and military applications.

Unlike the US drone program, this is a totally productive and peaceful project, which has done helped humanity in more than one ways. Sabri’s unmanned aircrafts have been used for mapping Amazon rain forest and help stranded people during floods in Pakistan and in other areas of the world.

Mr. Raja Sabri Khan also offers engineering students opportunity to carryout research work in this field on his premises.

People like Mr. Khan are this nation’s pride. If given the opportunity, hundreds of young and talented people in this country can make a difference in the world. All they have to do is take the inspiration form Mr. Khan. There are lots of obstacles that need to be negotiated before anyone gets to the pedestal where Mr. Khan stands today, but this is not impossible.

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